2018 Lineup

David Davis and the Warrior River Band

Carrying an Alabama tradition and directly linked to the origins of Bluegrass Music, David Davis’ love of traditional roots music grew organically.  Back in the 1930’s, his father and two uncles played and sung in the brother style traditions of early Country music.  Uncle Cleo joined Bill Monroe as the very first Bluegrass Boy in 1938. David’s father, Leddell, went off to WW11 and lost his right hand in a mortar accident.  While his Dad’s dream of making music may have been shattered, he never lost his love and devotion to the music.  In fact, David carried his father’s love innocently down the road, never suspecting the impact on his life.

David Davis and the Warrior River Boys offer audiences a rare glimpse at the role of frontman in American music.  In Chicago Blues, it was Muddy Waters and the legendary Howlin’ Wolf.  In Bluegrass music, it was Bill Monroe. Rather than operating under trendy “hit” oriented marketing schemes, frontman / mandolinist David Davis simply nutures his roots with integrity, tonal depth and prose.

Whether festivals, big city nightclubs, concert halls or local coffeehouses, “…. frontman David Davis & Warrior River Boys jam a big Bluegrass wallop into a concise package for today’s audiences….”, “…. hard-charging energy that makes it stand out fron the pack….” Bluegrass Unlimited.

David and the band have appeared at Bluegrass in the Park several times over the past years and are back again this year on our stage on Saturday, August 11, 2018.

David Davis and the Warrior River Band

Kenny Stinson and Perfect Tym’n

Kenny Stinson has been performing professionally in the Bluegrass Circuit for over thirty years.  At the age of 16, Kenny signed a major recording contract to sing Southern Bluegrass Gospel music with his family.  After touring and recording ten projects Kenny decided to go in a different direction playing bluegrass and bluegrass gospel.  Thus Perfect Tym’n was born.

Seeing Kenny Stinson and Perfect Tym’n you will not be disappointed.  They bring a level of excitement to their show EVERY TIME.  They love what they do and believe in having a good time doing what they all love, “BLUEGRASS!”  It’s in their blood.

Perfect Tym’n will perform on Saturday, August 11.

Kenny Stinson and Perfect Tym’n

The Farmer & Adele

The band has completed a brand new album featuring the legendary Country Western group, Riders in the Sky, titled Into the Wide Open Sky. The album features the lighthearted songbird Grace Adele, and her musical partner Keenan Wade, on a collection of country-western originals and covers.  

The Farmer & Adele grew up admiring classic music – classic country, jazz, the Tin Pan Alley songwriters – and those early styles reflect so much of what the two stand for. Their songwriting is uplifting, heroic, and simple, but hearken back to the time of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, an interest the duo shares with the Riders and a torch the Riders in the Sky carried from equally legendary Sons of the Pioneers.

Farmer and Adele

Tommy Brown and County Line Grass

The County Line Grass was formed in 1991 with a group of friends who just happened to live across the county line, thus the name, Tommy Brown & the County Line Grass.  Brown’s powerful banjo style garnered him both the Kentucky State and Tennessee State Banjo Championships.  His impressive pickin’ style and soulful vocals embrace his passion for the mountain-style music he performs today.

These days the band is more of a family affair with Tommy’s children and close friends joining him.  Son Jereme plays lead guitar and lends his poignant lead, tenor and baritone vocals to the group.  With an instrument twice her size, daughter Rachel skillfully provides a solid, yet spirited rhythm on acoustic bass.  Wayne Fyffe rounds out the group on fiddle.  His energetic fiddle will make you get up and dance and his emotional back-up work provides the perfect complement to the groups moving ballads.

Tommy Brown and County Line Grass


The Moron Brothers

Kentucky based duo, the Moron Brothers, have been picking and singing mostly comedy songs and performing country humor to delighted audiences for more than twenty years.  You would typically find the Morons at festivals all around the country, but lately, they have been taking to the internet and have enjoyed a huge increase in their popularity.  Lardo and Burley (Michael T. Carr and Michael Hammonds) will keep you laughing throughout their set.  Be sure to catch their shows on Friday, August 10.


The McLain Family Band

Direct from the hills of Kentucky, The McLain Family Band has become internationally known as one of the most spontaneous, creative and spirited groups performing contemporary Appalachian Bluegrass music.

The McLain Family Band has consisted, through the years, of various combinations of family members.  The core touring band for 2017 & 2018 includes: Raymond McLain, Ruth McLain, Alice and Al White and Daxson Lewis, with occasional guest appearances from Nancy Ann Wartman and Michael & Jennifer McLain.

The McLain Family Band will perform Friday, August 10.

The McLain Family Band


Kings Highway

Kings Highway may be a new name in the Bluegrass world, but the band members are sure not new to Bluegrass.  They share a mutual love of traditional music, and between them, Kings Highway has many years of experience performing for audiences throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Their popular driving sound and high tenor harmony is a favorite among listeners.

Kings Highway exhibits a very strong Bill Monroe influence, puts their own stamp on the music in the tradition of the great bands.  Mr. Monroe would have been proud.


Keith Vincent

Keith Vincent has been an active performing musician for over thirty years. He has at one time or another performed as a frontman for various rock and country bands, a solo guitarist, studio musician, vocalist, and at present is performing as a solo acoustic act. His shows include a variety of music from acoustic favorites of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s as well as country classics and modern country, a variety of instrumental styles, to his own original material.

Keith Vincent



Becky and the Butler County Boys

Becky and The Butler County Boys started their journey about 6 years ago.  They are a family band, and enjoy spending time playing music, writing songs, and having fun.

They primarily play music in Butler, Ohio, and Grayson counties in Kentucky.   They have also played in Indiana, Florida, and North Carolina. Their first, “A Style That Never Dies” came out in January 2017.