What are the dates of the festival?

Bluegrass in the Park Folklife Festival is always the second weekend in August.  In 2018, the dates are August 10-11.

How can I get tickets to the festival?

All music and folklife events at Audubon Mill Park are FREE.  No tickets are necessary.

How about parking?

Parking is readily available. The festival is held in downtown Henderson.  Parking is free on each weekday after four and all day on Saturday.

Can I record the festival?

Videotaping is NOT allowed. Most of our musicians prefer that you not audiotape, but we have no prohibition against battery operated taping unless the musicians specifically request otherwise.

What are those “Bucket Shakes” all about?

The Bucket Shakes are an extremely important part of our effort to raise money to pay for the festival.  You wouldn’t believe how much all of this costs!  And like everything, the costs keep increasing.  We’re going have only three Bucket Shakes this year.

When the buckets are passed, please give what you can.  We’ll try to count the collection while you are at the festival and let you know the total!  Your generosity goes a long way to keeping these great bands, activities, and events coming to Henderson.

Thank you!

Is the festival site handicapped accessible?

Audubon Mill Park is accessible by several wheelchair curb ramps, street cutouts, and temporary ramping.  Let us know if you need assistance.

Is medical assistance available?

Certified EMT’s are on-site at all times during the festival.  Other emergency assistance and security is provided by the City of Henderson Police Department, also on-site at all times.  Our thanks to HPD.

How can I volunteer to help with Bluegrass in the Park Folklife Festival?

So glad you asked!  Our Volunteer Coordinators will be glad to give you all the information you need to become a Bluegrass helper.  We welcome you . . . and your ideas.

How can I become a sponsor of Bluegrass in the Park Folklife Festival?

A wonderful question!!  We are so grateful to our sponsors who have helped us keep this festival free for its entire history.  If you would like to join their ranks, we welcome you . . . no matter the amount of your contribution.  Contact our Fundraising Chair, Monica Hargis at 270-570-1667 or email at hargissm@bellsouth.net.  There’s a lot of return for the dollar you spend in our support . . . And, it’s tax deductible.

Can I leave my chair(s) overnight at the festival site?

Yes.  We have 24-hour security.  We have a great bunch of people who attend our event and we’ve never had problems with theft.  None-the-less, use your good judgment.  The Festival is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property.

Are cell phones allowed?

Well, yes.  But please be courteous.  Turn your phones off during performances and hold conversations to a respectable volume.


We have Porta-johns and hand washing stations available.  We provide enough so that the wait is usually very short.  If you have any problems: cleanliness, lack of supplies, etc., let us know . . . we’ll do our best to fix it for you.

What about bad weather?

It is an outdoor festival, and unfortunately, bad weather happens . . . even in Henderson, Kentucky, the Gateway to the South.  If it comes, and is severe, we are in contact with radio and television stations and other weather news sources to let you know in advance if you need to vacate the festival site.  We will provide weather information from the stage.

Can I roller blade or skateboard at the festival site?

No.  City ordinance prohibits such activities during festivals or other public events.

How about smoking at the festival?

Not one of our favorite festival activities, but not prohibited.  We ask you to be considerate and courteous of others and not to litter.

Are souvenirs available?

We do our best to make souvenir items available.  Festival sales are centralized in the Bluegrass General Store Sales Tent, for your convenience. Festival sales go toward keeping our admission FREE.

Many of the bands that appear at Bluegrass in the Park Folklife Festival will have items for sale – CD’s, DVD’s, t-Shirts, hats, photos, bumper stickers, etc.  All proceeds for such sales go to the bands.

Can I bring my pet to the festival?

City ordinance prohibits pets in the park during a festival or event.

I bought a delicious BBQ chop sandwich at the festival. Does that money help pay for the bands?

All food vendors are for profit.  But, each supports the festival with a fee to participate.

All proceeds from the RC drink both to the festival and help us pay for the bands as well as all the other things needed to make the event fun and pleasurable for you.  Thank you for patronizing festival concessions.

Coolers are strictly prohibited.