Volunteers are an essential part of our event.  The festival simply would not be possible without those from our community willing to give their time and skills just to make this a better place to live.  Thank you for considering to join our team.

Bluegrass Event Volunteer

Booth service and sales:
Merchandise Sales Tent
RC Drink Booth Sales
Bucket Shakes:   Service includes mingling with the crowd and taking donations during specified times on Friday and Saturday.


Contact for Bluegrass Event Volunteers:

Johnnie Perkins
(270) 577-8150


Hospitality for Performers and Guests:

Service includes preparing and serving meals, snacks and beverages to performers, guests and sponsors.


Contact for Hospitality:

Monica Hargis

(270) 577-166


Folklife Activities, Artisans and Venders:

Work with children and event attendees or sell art and hand crafted products.


Contact for Folklife, Artisans and Craftsman:

Monica Hargis

(270)  577-1667

Diane Bremer

(280) 831-3100


Breakfast in the Park            

Set up for breakfast
Cook and service during breakfast
Clean up


Contact for Breakfast in the Park:

Greg Gibson, Downtown Henderson Partnership
(270) 577-1985