Volunteers are an essential part of the festival and would not be possible without the support of our community.

Bluegrass Event Volunteer opportunities include:

Booth service and sales:

Merchandise Sales Tent

RC Drink Booth Sales

Bucket Shakes:   Service includes mingling with the crowd and taking donations during

specified times on Friday and Saturday.


Contact for Bluegrass Event Volunteers:

Johnnie Perkins

(270) 577-8150



Hospitality for Performers and Guests:

Service includes preparing and serving meals, snacks and beverages to performers, guests and sponsors.

Contact for Hospitality:

Monica Hargis          hargissm@bellsouth.net         (270) 577-1667

Folklife Activities, Artisans and Venders:

Work with children and event attendees or sell art and hand crafted products.

Contact for Folklife, Artisans and Craftsman:

Monica Hargis       hargissm@bellsouth.net        (270)  577-1667

Diane Bremer         bremered@twc.com               (280) 831-3100


Breakfast in the Park            

Set up for breakfast

Cook and service during breakfast

Clean up

Contact for Breakfast in the Park:

Greg Gibson, Downtown Henderson Partnership

(270) 577-1985